The Miscellaneous page contains some links to less academic, survey-like websites.

Websites claiming to give rewards for completing surveys aren't included here. There have been numerous complaints about various scams used on such websites, and you can't find a random sample when soliciting people the way they do. People lured by incentives are more likely to check off answers without reading the questions, particularly with web surveys.

Some of the websites listed here aren't conducting scientific surveys, but they should be considered more relevant than those offering incentives.

NORC is a national research organization at the University of Chicago. Much of NORC's study data seems to be unavailable for direct access over the internet, but contact information and related links are provided on the project pages for more information.

The following are four of the 13 studies that were underway at NORC's Economics & Population research department at the time of this review.

General Social Survey
The New Immigrant Survey
Survey of Consumer Finances
Survey of Small Business Finances

The following are two of the 22 studies that were underway at NORC's Substance Abuse, Mental Health, and Criminal Justice research department at the time of this review.

Assessing Support for Changes in U.S. Drug Abuse Policy
National Survey of Indigent Defense Systems

"The American National Election Studies (ANES) produces high quality data on voting, public opinion, and political participation to serve the research needs of social scientists, teachers, students, policy makers and journalists who want to better understand the theoretical and empirical foundations of national election outcomes. Central to this mission is the active involvement of the ANES research community in all phases of the project."

Information on MSNBC's "Live Votes and surveys," and some general information about surveys is included here. MSNBC's surveys may appear in any section, but at the time of this review, those in their Live Vote Archive were mostly politically related. Hundreds more of their surveys could be found by entering the search term "live vote" in the Search MSNBC box on the left side of any page of their website.

This page is under construction. More coming soon. Meanwhile, this is a good source of more survey-related links.