The Political Survey at politics.beasts.org claims to be "...an attempt to build an open and unbiased way to measure peoples' political outlooks" and "...an open, honest version of politicalcompass.org." You could read about the rationale for the survey here.

This page contains "...a list of political 'celebrities' and the answers we judge they would have given to the survey." Apparently, the survey rates your "Left/right Pragmatism."

Surveys such as this, whose main purpose is to provide feedback to the participant about himself rather than to compile statistical data on a group, aren't included on PoliSource's Surveys page.

The Political Compass is "...a measure of attitudes and inevitable human contradictions to provide a more integrated definition of where people and parties are really at."

Red or Blue—Which Are You? "If you're a blue-stater, you might happen to have learned how often Rush Limbaugh is on the air, but if you're a red-stater, chances are you know it off the top of your head. That instinctual knowledge is what this quiz intends to judge, not how smart you are about the other side."

"OkCupid designed this test to explore our users' ecomonic and social ideas and then place them into the spectrum of political thought: liberal, conservative, progressive, radical, and so on." They claim that the 42 question test is "short and, as always, highly accurate." I'm a registered democrat, but the test says I'm best described as a republican.

The results include HTML that you can use to post the "nifty" charts on your website to show the world where you stand politically. Mine are here.

The ten question World's Smallest Political Quiz is supposedly "the original internet political quiz." It tells you whether you're a liberal, conservative, libertarian, statist, or centrist.

"All the tests at SimilarMinds.com are developed based on scientific measures used to ensure test reliability and validity. Multiple statistical measures and research are used to ensure test questions measure what they are intended to measure."

I took their Famous Leader Test. It classified me as Adolf Hitler. Then I reviewed my answers and noticed that I made a mistake on a question about being a very tense person. This time I checked a button two steps closer to the "very inaccurate" side, and had to resubmit all my other answers too (I took a snapshot of my original answers so I know I re-entered them correctly), and I ended up as Abraham Lincoln.

I also took their Visual Pattern IQ Test. I took the time to work out about half of the problems until I was confident that I got the right answer to each. I didn't bother guessing at the questions that I had no time for (there's a 20 minute time limit), or one that I couldn't figure out after several minutes. I submitted the test, noted my score, and then when back to randomly fill in what I'd left blank. My percentile increased about 40 points.

The test might be more accurate if it randomly filled in answers left blank, in case someone's uncertain whether that's cheating or forgets before running out of time.

"NationStates is a free nation simulation game. Build a nation and run it according to your own warped political ideals. Create a Utopian paradise for society's less fortunate or a totalitarian corporate police state. Care for your people or deliberately oppress them. Join the United Nations or remain a rogue state. It's really up to you."

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"Politics is war without bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed."
-- Mao Tse-Tung

The above is one of the Top 30 Political Quotations according to Danielle Hollister, publisher of BellaOnline Quotations Zine--a free newsletter for quote lovers.