The Online Dictionary of the Social Sciences contains over 900 definitions and is searchable by both terms and definition text. It covers "...the disciplines of sociology, criminology, political science, and women's study with a commitment to Canadian examples and events and names."

The Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) "...maintains and provides access to a vast archive of social science data for research and instruction, and offers training in quantitative methods to facilitate effective data use."

ICPSR's four major operations units are Collection Development, Collection Delivery, Educational Resources, and Data Security and Preservation.

ICPSR also hosts several topical archives, including:

Child Care and Early Education Research Connections (CCEERC)
Data Sharing for Demographic Research (DSDR)
Health and Medical Care Archive (HMCA)
International Archive of Education Data (IAED)
National Archive of Computerized Data on Aging (NACDA)
National Archive of Criminal Justice Data (NACJD)
Substance Abuse & Mental Health Data Archive (SAMHDA)

"The SocioSite is designed to get access to information and resources which are relevant for sociologists and other social scientists. It has been designed from a global point of view - it gives access to the world wide scene of social sciences."