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The first entries below provide CNN programming information. Below that is information on politically related programs aired elsewhere.

CNN (Cable News Network) and CNN International are two cable channels that broadcast and provide transcripts for several programs dealing with politics and current events. The following is some of the information available from CNN's CNN TV FAQ page.

Where can I view a schedule of CNN's programming?
• CNN International
• CNN Money
• CNN en Espaņol
• CNN Airport Network
• CNN Radio
• CNN Radio Noticias

Do you provide transcripts of CNN programming on your Web site?
CNN does provide limited transcripts of programming, at transcripts page. You can access these transcripts for two weeks by clicking on the airdate. Older transcripts are archived by show. Not all of CNN's programming will be posted to the Web site, but most can be ordered in video format. Transcripts of CNN Headline News are not available on CNN.com.

If I see a story on a CNN network, will it be posted to the Web site?
CNN.com must limit publication of articles to those with the most national and international interest. Although many stories are original, due to the combined newsgathering aspects of CNN (The Associated Press, Reuters, more than 800 local affiliates and many others), not every story reported can be posted.

Below are links to CNN webpages for some politically related CNN programs. Most of the webpages contain an About the show section.

CNN News (PoliSource Picks):

Inside Politics
Topical political reporting from Judy Woodruff.

Wolf Blitzer Reports
"The program focuses on the day's top news, live interviews with top newsmakers and live debriefs with CNN correspondents around the United States and the world."

CNN Live From
"From the headlines to the front lines, 'Live From ...' takes you live to wherever the news is happening. Anchors Kyra Phillips and Miles O'Brien deliver the full scope of late-breaking developments from the United States and around the world and also interview worldwide correspondents, experts and newsmakers to provide context surrounding the day's top events."

Lou Dobbs Tonight
There's no About the show section, but on the day of this review, coverage included immigration enforcement and corporate crime. NewsNight seems to cover more hard news than the average CNN news program, based on the programs' web pages.

CNN News (Other):

American Morning
Anderson Cooper 360°
Paula Zahn Now
NewsNight with Aaron Brown
CNN Presents
CNN Saturday Morning
CNN Sunday Morning
CNN Student News
CNN Daybreak
CNN Live Today

CNN Interview & Debate:

Larry King Live
Late Edition
People in the News
Reliable Sources
The Capital Gang

CNN International (PoliSource Picks):

Global Challenges
"CNN's monthly series 'Global Challenges' travels around the world to bring feature reports on sustainable development, focusing on everything from small-scale community projects to innovative ideas that could change our world. This half-hour program aims to reveal how various fields of science and technology help to improve quality of life."

Diplomatic License
"Diplomatic License informs and entertains at the same time strolling through the minefield of information to glean the story behind the story - while showing that the U.N. doesn't have to be boring."

International Correspondents
"Every week, International Correspondents brings together the world's leading international journalists and media figures in a roundtable discussion regarding the current news landscape."

The following are politically oriented television programs that don't appear on CNN.

The Chris Matthews Show
"Intense, experienced, straightforward, and outspoken, Chris Matthews brings a powerful and influential political commentary to The Chris Matthews Show.... With over 15 years of working in an environment where politics is the name of the game, Matthews is determined to present a unique brand of talk that will allow viewers to take away a new perspective on the latest news stories."

Hardball with Chris Matthews
In addition to The Chris Matthews Show, Chris Matthews hosts this "nightly hour of in-depth political analysis and fiery debate."

Face the Nation
"Face the Nation is one of the longest-running news programs in the history of television, having premiered on CBS on November 7, 1954.... Guests include government leaders, politicians, and international figures in the news. CBS News correspondents engage the guests in a lively roundtable discussion focusing on current topics."

"In an age of anchor celebrities and snappy sound bites, FRONTLINE remains committed to providing a primetime venue for engaging documentaries that fully explore and illuminate the critical issues of our times. FRONTLINE remains the only regularly scheduled long-form public-affairs documentary series on American television, producing more hours of documentary programming than all the commercial networks combined."

The McLaughlin Group
John McLaughlin is the creator, executive producer and host of this award winning public affairs panel discussion. He also hosts John McLaughlin's One On One.

John McLaughlin's One on One
"John McLaughlin's ONE ON ONE is an in-depth, thought-provoking, topical weekly news interview program hosted by veteran Washington based political journalist John McLaughlin. ONE ON ONE provides viewers with an exciting, inside look at the issues and people in the news."

Meet the Press
"Every Sunday morning for 57 years strong, in times of peace or war, Meet the Press is welcomed into the homes of Americans to analyze, discuss and review the news of the week -- and to look ahead to the week to come -- with world-renowned guests....We are proud to be the highest rated, most watched and most quoted Sunday morning public affairs program."

Washington Week
"Washington Week features a group of journalists participating in roundtable discussion of major news events.... The program currently maintains a small core group of regular correspondents and a larger group of occasional guests."

··· Political Radio ···

The Open Directory Project (ODP) is "the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. It is constructed and maintained by a vast, global community of volunteer editors."

Information on political radio programs from the ODP is included here under the terms of the Open Directory License.

Top: Arts: Radio: Formats: Talk Radio: Programs: Political

The Agenda Online with Randall Martin - Explores today's socio-political issues. Listen to the show in streaming audio.
Barbara Simpson - The Babe in the Bunker - Well-known San Francisco radio and television personality does media consulting for politics, business and the environment.
Batchelor and Alexander - This dynamic duo provides listeners information on a daily basis. Both are longtime New York literary voices as well.
The Brian Whitman Show - Talk show aired on 790 KABC in Los Angeles and 770 WABC in New York. Includes biography, news, photographs, audio files and contact information.
Brian Wilson - Provides a libertarian political talk show every Monday through Friday each evening from his studio in Washington D.C.
Bruce DuMont - Beyond the Beltway - Nationally-syndicated radio program that takes America's political pulse and provides a balanced perspective of national politics. The program is produced every Sunday night.
Chuck Harder - Syndicating his broadcasts "For the People" nationwide by satellite under the umbrella of a non-profit organization from White Springs, Florida.
Dennis Prager Radio Show - Conservative commentator on topics ranging from personal and social issues, to morality and religion. The lectures are available in audio and video formats.
The Don Imus in the Morning Program - Syndicated across the US, Don has become a regular stop on the circuit for Washington insiders, the liberal media elite, best-selling authors and the occasional presidential candidate.
The Dr. 59 Show - An internet radio talk show hosted by an eccentric Ph.D. addressing current issues of the day.
Dr. James J. Hughes - Changesurfer Radio - Weekly program about technology and politics, transmitting a vision of a radically democratic future.
Dr. James L. Hirsen - America's Advocate - Internationally recognized attorney and nationally syndicated radio talk show host on the American Freedom Network.
Dr. Stanley Monteith - Radio Liberty - Nationally syndicated show featuring stories of globalism and federal conspiracies.
The Ed Schultz Show - Site for the Fargo, North Dakota based syndicated talk show host and author, with weekday call-in topics on current political affairs.
The Glenn Beck Show - Provides talk that people listen to, cheer or cry foul.
Hugh Hewitt - Nationally syndicated conservative talk show host heard weekdays. Includes contact list of regular guests, newsletter, editorials and book reviews.
International Connection Radio Show - A weekly one hour political talk radio show. Every Sunday morning on 88.1FM CKLN, Toronto Canada.
Jerry Hughes - Straight Talk - Conservative talk radio host heard Monday through Friday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Jim Duensing: Opinions So Good They Ought To Be Yours - Home page of columnist and radio talk show host Jim Duensing. Includes a complete archive of his articles and a link to the webcast of his radio show.
Joe Kelley Talk Show - Dallas-based Host guides his nationally syndicated audience in rousing debates about current events, topical politics, crime and punishment, education, and pop culture.
Jon Arthur Live - Conservative radio talk show host Jon Arthur broadcasting on the First Amendment Radio Network and WXEI 95.3 FM every weekday afternoon.
Ken Hamblin - Nationally Syndicated conservative talk show who calls himself "The Black Avenger" can be heard Monday: 12:00 AM - 3:00 AM and Saturday: 10:00 PM - 1:00 AM
Laura Ingraham Show - Heard coast-to-coast nationwide takes listeners on a wild ride through the colliding worlds of politics, the news media and Hollywood.
Lee Rodgers & Melanie Morgan Program with Officer Vic - They deliver the news of the day with their unique conservative spin and displeasure with liberal policy. San Francisco KSFO radio morning show since 1995.
Les Kinsolving - Talk Show Host & White House Reporter - Nationally un-labeled talk show host syndicated weekly. He is known among the Washington press corps who asks the probing questions and even providing comic relief.
Liberal/Progressive Talk Shows - A listing of shows with streaming audio largely available on the Internet. They originate from terrestrial radio stations, Internet radio stations, satellite radio stations, and radio networks.
Lucianne Goldberg - Nationally syndicated talk show host heard live every morning Monday thru Friday. Includes updated conservative articles and interactive forums.
Mark Belling - Common sense conservatism radio personality known best in Milwaukee provides a diverse mix of politics, culture, entertainment for Nationwide listeners.
Mark Larson: Larson Live! - Discusses national issues along with special guests and portrays a one-of-a kind sense of humor weekdays from 6-9 AM from San Diego broadcast live daily.
Mark Scott Show - Thought provoking cyber talk radio and open discussion on individualism and freedom.
Marlin Maddoux Point of View - Brings insight on today's events from a unique Christian perspective with depth of coverage on issues not found anywhere else.
Matt Drudge - A political news and gossip show, this news scoopster and one-man news bureau can be heard every Sunday night.
Michael A. Smerconish - Mastalk - Philadelphia lawyer speaks out on law, government, and events. Site contains news links and information about the host.
Michael Medved - Nationally syndicated conservative talk show host and movie critic heard every afternoon. Includes links to Judeo-Christian commentary, and movie reviews.
Michael Reagan - Information Interchange - Nationally syndicated conservative talk show heard every evening. Includes links to interactive features, archived shows and references to his father Ronald Reagan.
Mike Gallagher - Nationally syndicated conservative talk show host can be heard mornings. Includes links to political activism topics, audio files and instant feedback during the show.
Neal Boortz Show - Nationally syndicated conservative talk show host from Atlanta.
Oliver North - Common Sense Radio - Broadcasting from the Nation's Capitol, Ollie takes calls Monday through Friday, 3 to 6 PM EST.
Paul Harvey - The Voice of the New Millennium - Official site presents the syndicated commentator. Listen live Monday through Saturday morning and noon, audio archives, headline news and station list.
Peter Boyles - Provides the real story and other hot issue to those in Colorado and throughout the world.
The Phil Hendrie Show - Nationally syndicated radio program poking fun at the issues and issuemakers of the day with radio theater that introduces guests with unusual viewpoints.
Quinn and Rose War Room - Radio talk show and home of Pittsburgh MC's Jim Quinn and Radio Rose.
Randi Rhodes Show, The - Site for the weekday talk show host who comments on current political affairs.
The Roger Fredinburg Show - Speaking with an energetic, independent voice that attracts young and old, men and women alike. Additionally, audiences enjoy a wide range of unexpected guests and topics
Rollye James Show - Hear the show online on The Big Talker 1210-AM WPHT Philadelphia weeknights.
Ronn Owens - Provides talk that can be heard every morning Pacific coast time. San Francisco KGO's host explores current events and popular culture.
Roy Masters - Foundation of Human Understanding - Nationally syndicated talk show host heard weekdays. Includes newsletter, archived programs and religious observance tips on meditation and self-awareness.
The Scott Vyka Show - A radio show focused on 18-35 year old demographic to express, debate, and discuss politics and current events for a conservative audience
Tammy Bruce - Official site of this radio talk show host. An openly gay, pro-choice, gun owning, pro-death penalty, voted-for-President Reagan progressive feminist, Tammy supports classical liberal concepts of personal liberty and individualism.
The Thom Hartmann Radio Program - Nationally syndicated political opinion show. Listen live or to archives.

Top: Arts: Radio: Formats: Talk Radio: Programs: Political: Hannity, Sean

Flirty Flipper - Associate producer and call screener for the Sean Hannity Show. Includes photo gallery and contact information.
Hannity Sucks - Documents erroneous statements made by Hannity, as well as other conservative talk show hosts, and challenges the reasons used to back conservative claims.
Sean Hannity Evildoer - Uses Bible quotes and commentary to expose Hannity as a true evildoer, an enemy of Jesus Christ and all true Christians.
Sean Hannity Is A Moron.com - Includes commentary and opinion.
Sean Hannity Show - Official site of syndicated conservative talk show host, and co-host of Fox News Channel's Hannity and Colmes. Audio, show highlights, and contact information.
Unofficial Sean Hannity Fan Club - Includes message boards, chat, and links. [registration required]

Top: Arts: Radio: Formats: Talk Radio: Programs: Political: Liddy, G. Gordon

G. Gordon Liddy Radio Show - Official Website   - The G-Man's purpose is to look through the night of nitwittery, cut through the political correctness, and blow away the bravo sierra to find the good, the true, the prudent and wise.
Liddy Defeats Wells/Dean - Discusses legal and historical aspects of the defamation of character suit brought against Liddy by former Democratic National Committee secretary, Ida "Maxie" Wells, and resolved in favor of Liddy.
Liddy Letter - Articles about G. Gordon Liddy's views, interests, and family activities.
PardonLiddy.org - Independent campaign to obtain a Presidential pardon for G. Gordon Liddy, who served a prison term for his role in the Watergate burglary.
Radio Roadtrip.com - G. Gordon Liddy - Radio Stations belonging to the G. Gordon Liddy Radio Network. Listings by Highway Routes in the US and Canada.
Revisiting Watergate: Key Players: G. Gordon Liddy - Washington Post profile of the former FBI agent who helped plan the Watergate break-in and later capitalized on his notoriety by taking his political views to the airwaves.
From Watergate to Jaffa Gate -- It's G. Gordon Liddy - Article about Liddy's plans to broadcast a week of shows from Israel. (October 19, 2001)

Top: Arts: Radio: Formats: Talk Radio: Programs: Political: Limbaugh, Rush

RushLimbaugh.com   - Official site. Includes various news and features as well as live audio and a listing of stations that carry the talk show.
Extremely Unofficial Rush Limbaugh Parody Archives - Collection of song parodies often featured on the Rush Limbaugh show.
The Limbaugh Listeners WebRing - Unofficial webring for fans of conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh.
Rush Limbaugh FAQ and Station List - A brief history of Limbaugh's career and list of affiliates that carry his syndicated radio show.
Rush Limbaugh Forum Frigate - Offers message board and live chat.
A Rush Limbaugh Hometown Page - Devoted to Rush and his hometown, Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Features include a high school scrapbook and tour map.
Rush Online - Contains a liberal test, political humor, bumper sticker slogans and visitor debates.
Newsweek - I Am Addicted to Prescription Pain Medication - Collection of news and commentary about Rush Limbaugh's confession of drug abuse. Includes background material about opiods. (October 20, 2003)

Top: Arts: Radio: Formats: Talk Radio: Programs: Political: O'Reilly, Bill

Bill O'Reilly - The Radio Factor - Nationally syndicated conservative talk show where O'Reilly speaks on current news and political affairs.
Media Matters for America - The Radio Factor - A regularly updated database of investigations of arguments and assertions made by O'Reilly, and records any false claims and misrepresentations.

Top: Arts: Radio: Formats: Talk Radio: Programs: Political: Savage, Michael

Michael Savage - Paul Revere Society - Nationally syndicated conservative talk show host heard every evening. Includes links to information on latest events and official biography.
Savages Nation - Dedicated to fans of Michael Savage and his radio show The Savage Nation.

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The badly translated and poorly designed but popular website Comfm contains some adult content, including sexually explicit ads, with no warning. It also links to some websites with offensive language. It provides three main categories of webcasts through its Listen, Watch, and Discover links.

Listen: This is the Live Radio search page. With Javascript turned on, you could find some politically related webcasts by selecting "News" from the drop-down menu in the Theme section, waiting for the screen to refresh, then clicking Full Service, News, or Talk in the other drop-down box that should appear in the theme section.

With Javascript off, some features of this page appear to function correctly, but don't, giving you incorrect results with no indication that you need Javascript turned on. Poor design.

The right side contains links to alphabetical listings of French, American, Canadian, and All radios [sic] webcasts.

There's still a listing of emergency webcasts, including fire department, police, and airport communications, but the link to that page was obtained from a previous review of comfm.com and wasn't found on the website this time, despite the fact that the page still exists.

Another search option is the keyword search, to the left, but there were no results for politics or political.

Watch: There are many webcasts under the heading By Thematic in the categories News and General. The keyword search box to the left returned no results for politics or political.

Discover (webcams): Click the American flag in the Site Map section to choose the state of the webcam you're looking for. Yet another problem with this website is that the states are listed under the heading Country. You can click Washington DC for various views of the city, including the Capital, or click New York for the Statue of Liberty webcam.

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