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Government Grants and Loans—Your Benefits Connection

" helps citizens access government benefit eligibility information through a free, confidential, and easy-to-use online screening tool. After answering some basic questions, the user receives a customized report listing the benefit programs for which the user, or person for whom he or she is entering information, may be eligible."

There are several ways to search for benefits on For federal benefits, you can click the GO button next to LOCATE FEDERAL BENEFITS for a list of Federal Benefit Program Contributors, including U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Department of Labor, and U.S. Small Business Administration. Select one for a list of available benefits.—Find the Right Loan for You

" is your gateway to Federal loan information, brought to you through a partnership between Federal agencies and; the official government benefits website."

You can find loans with a keyword search or click one of the blue buttons for a categorized list of loans. Business oriented loan categories include Business Loans, Agriculture Loans, and Disaster Relief Loans.

Political Involvement—PACs, Lobbying, etc.

Federal Election Commission

The FEC provides information about political action committees through its Quick Answers to PAC Questions. Information on PACs is also available at FEC sponsored PAC conferences. See the Educational Outreach page for the PAC conference schedule.

Part of the The FEC's Campaign Guide Series — the Campaign Guide for Corporations and Labor Organizations from June 2, 2001 — might still be helpful. It includes a 24 page BCRA Supplement after the contents to bring it somewhat up to date. To bring it even more up to date, consult the publications page for a link to a chart of the latest contribution limits. The publications page also links to each campaign guide of the Series.

Other information on the FEC's website includes campaign finance reports, laws, and litigation information.

A more complete review of the Federal Election Commission's website, and related information, is available on PoliSource's Campaigns & Elections page.

Brookings—Campaign Finance

"The Brookings Institution, one of Washington's oldest think tanks, is an independent, nonpartisan organization devoted to research, analysis, and public education with an emphasis on economics, foreign policy, governance, and metropolitan policy." Politically involved businesses might find their Campaign Finance information helpful.

Brookings' Campaign Finance Reform: A Sourcebook, published in 1997, reviews campaign finance history and provides other information that's mostly relevant today, such as the section Kinds and Types of PACs in chapter 5. Recent Developments provides "continuous real-time updating of the materials in the Sourcebook." The New Campaign Finance Sourcebook is the successor volume to Campaign Finance Reform: A Sourcebook and "incorporates the many and diverse changes in campaign finance law and practice over the past decade." Only pre-publication drafts of the new volume were available at the time of this writing, with full publication set for later this year (2005).

Also available are "...basic resources (including the Federal Election Campaign Act and key court cases), featured publications, and links to related organizations and sources of information."

Lobbying Information From the U.S. Senate

According to the U.S. Senate's Lobbying Disclosure Act Guidance page, A lobbiest is someone who's employed or retained by a client for compensation for services that include more than one lobbying contact and whose lobbying activities constitute 20 percent or more of his services on behalf of that client during any six-month period. Lobbying firms must file separate registrations for each client, but organizations employing in-house lobbyists file a single registration. Certain exemptions from registration apply. See the U.S. Senate's Lobbying Disclosure page for more information.

Lobbying and Ethics Reform Act of 2005

On May 17, 2005, Congressman Marty Meehan introduced the Lobbying and Ethics Reform Act of 2005. Meehan is joined in his effort by Congressman Rahm Emanuel, of Illinois' 5th Congressional District. More information is available on Congressman Meehan's webpage and through this page from the Library of Congress's THOMAS database.

Other Business Related Resources

Business Law

The American Bar Association has a webpage titled The Law & Your Business with links to pages about Securing Capital, State and Local Laws That Affect New Businesses, and Home-Based Businesses.


The beginning of CorpWatch's mission statement is "CorpWatch counters corporate-led globalization through education, network-building and activism." The rest is unclear and poorly worded. Their slogan is Holding Corporations Accountable, and their current campaign issues include war profiteering and corporate influence on elections.



Political Jobs

Politix Group

The Politix Group provides a Career Resources directory for those seeking DC Jobs in Politics & Government, Current Political Campaign Opportunities and other political positions. They also offer free membership, which entitles you to job & internship bulletins, their newsletter and special announcements.

The Politix Group has a Political and Government Jobs in Washington, DC section that includes a link to their Political Staffing Services and Partisan Job Banks page. That page might be a bit misleading in its description of CapitalWorks as an online network for political employment. See the entry below.

Capital Works

PoliSource was notified that "As of August 12th [2002], is transitioning to a technology provider and consulting company for political & public affairs will no longer function as a political job site on the Internet. However, we look forward to continuing to assist political organizations with their Internet recruiting and staffing solutions...

The Capital Works Products & Services page says "CapitolWorks develops scalable, web-based solutions designed to enable employers to more easily connect with potential employees." Their home page says "CapitolWorks also provides political and public recruiting staffing services through our partner, PoliTemps, Inc."


From "PoliTemps provides quality personnel who, in addition to administrative and computer skills, possess an understanding of the political, legislative, and public relations processes in this city [the Washington DC area]."

The PoliTemps contact page provides links to forms that employers and job seekers must fill out, as well as a form for general inquiries. PoliTemps does not provide public job listings. You must submit a resume to utilize their employment services.


FedScope provides statistical data about the Federal civilian workforce through an advanced web interface.

Government Jobs

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Other Job Related Resources

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