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Monday, November 24, 2014

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Book Reviews & Recommendations

Campaigns & Elections

"Campaigns & Elections is the monthly magazine covering the business and trends of politics." The Books section provides numerous reviews of political books by staff members and others.

Ron's Picks are book reviews by Ron Faucheux, the "contributor-at-large of Campaigns & Elections magazine, an author, lawyer, former elected official, campaign consultant, university teacher and government affairs expert." The following are his "picks" from January to August, 2005.

  • Five Days in Philadelphia: The Amazing "We Want Willkie!" Convention of 1940 and How It Freed FDR to Save the Western World, by Charles Peters, Public Affairs, 275 pages, June 2005
  • Why the Electoral College is Bad for America, by George C. Edwards III, Yale University Press, 198 pages, July 2004
  • Divided States of America: The Slash and Burn Politics of the 2004 Presidential Election, edited by Larry Sabato, Pearson Longman, 299 pages
  • Presidential Voices: Speaking Styles from George Washington to George W. Bush, by Allan Metcalf, Houghton Mifflin, 334 pages
  • Divided We Govern: Party Control, Lawmaking and Investigations, 1946-2002, second edition, by David Mayhew, Yale University Press, 267 pages
  • Wilson's War: How Woodrow Wilson's Great Blunder Led to Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and World War II, by Jim Powell, Crown Forum
  • Stick Your Neck Out: A Street-smart Guide to Creating Change in Your Community and Beyond, by John Graham, president of the Giraffe Heroes Project, Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  • His Excellency: George Washington, by Joseph J. Ellis, Knopf, 576 pages
  • Tommy the Cork: Washington's Ultimate Insider from Roosevelt to Reagan, by David McKean, Steerforth Press, 350 pages
  • The Roosevelts and the Royals: Franklin and Eleanor, the King and Queen of England and the Friendship that Changed History, by Will Swift, Wiley, 320 pages

California Young Democrats

Rocky Fernandez is Political Director of the California Young Democrats. He's also President of the Castro Valley Democratic Club, serves as a member of the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee, and works in political consulting.

Rocky's top five political book recommendations at the time of this review were:

Hardball by Chris Matthews
A Rage For Justice by John Jacobs
Against All Enemies by Richard Clarke
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised by Joe Trippi
Professor Wellstone Goes To Washington by Dennis McGrath and Dane Smith

Databases—Law and Politics

The University of Wisconsin's Undergraduate Research Guide: Book Reviews lists sources of book reviews in the category Law and Politics. The list consists of names and descriptions of electronic databases and how to use each to access book reviews. The names and descriptions are included below.

Also see the Overview and General Interest Book Review Sources in the guide.

Academic Search:  This library database indexes approximately 3,100 popular magazines and academic journals and provides the full-text articles from approximately 1,000 journals. Basic instructions for Academic Search

Ethnic Newswatch:  A full-text collection of more than 200 newspapers, magazines and journals of the ethnic, minority and native press.

GenderWatch:  A women's and gender issues database with full-text coverage of most journals.

Lexis/Nexis Academic Universe:  Contains the full-text articles from U.S. and international newspapers (including the New York Times, June 1980 - to date), as well as some news and business magazines and trade journals. The truncation symbol is an exclamation point (!).

ProQuest Newspapers:  Indexes articles from 41 national and Wisconsin newspapers; includes full text for most. The truncation symbol is a question mark (?).

ProQuest Research Library:  Indexes over 2,000 general-interest and academic journals. Nearly 1,000 periodicals are full-text. Dates vary, but many full-text journals go back to 1988.

Databases—Social Science and Education

The University of Wisconsin's Undergraduate Research Guide: Book Reviews lists sources of book reviews in the category Databases—Social Science and Education. The list consists of names and descriptions of electronic databases and how to use each to access book reviews. The names and descriptions are included below.

Also see the Overview and General Interest Book Review Sources in the guide.

Academic Search:  This library database indexes approximately 3,100 popular magazines and academic journals and provides the full-text articles from approximately 1,000 journals.

Education Full Text:  Indexes more than 400 scholarly and trade periodicals and selected monographs in education, educational psychology, college life, teacher education and evaluation.

ERIC:  ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) contains citations and abstracts of the international journal and report literature in education and related fields. Subjects include all aspects of education, including child development, classroom techniques, computer education, counseling and testing, administration, higher education, and library science.

Ethnic Newswatch:  A full-text collection of more than 200 newspapers, magazines and journals of the ethnic, minority and native press.

GenderWatch:  A women's and gender issues database with full-text coverage of most journals.

Lexis/Nexis Academic Universe:  Contains the full-text articles from U.S. and international newspapers (including the New York Times, June 1980 - to date), as well as some news and business magazines and trade journals. The truncation symbol is an exclamation point (!).

ProQuest Research Library:  Indexes over 2,000 general-interest and academic journals. Nearly 1,000 periodicals are full-text. Dates vary, but many full-text journals go back to 1988.

PsycINFO:  Indexes 1,300 scholarly journals along with books and book chapters in psychology, educational psychology, and behavioral sciences.

Social Sciences Full Text:  Indexes more than 415 scholarly journals in economics, politics, public administration, public health, sociology, criminology, environmental and urban studies, psychology and anthropology.

Book Publishers

The following are links to the websites of American publishers of politically oriented books.

AEI Press
"AEI research covers economics and trade; social welfare; government tax, spending, regulatory, and legal policies; U.S. politics; international affairs; and U.S. defense and foreign policies."
Algora Publishing
"...nonfiction books for people nonplussed by current world events....we help readers sharpen their own analyses on questions of Politics & International Affairs, History, Philosophy and Sociology, Economics and Current Events, Criminology and Justice, Mind, Culture, and Literature, and Education & Reference."
American Political Science Association
"The APSA Publications program attempts to fill the diverse needs of political scientists in academic and non academic settings as well as students at various stages of their education."
Americas Group
"The Americas Group has developed, published and marketed books, occasional papers, and pamphlets dealing with issues related to public policy since 1968."
Basic Books
"...Basic Books has shaped public debate by publishing award-winning books in psychology, science, politics, sociology, current affairs, and history."
Brookings Institution Press
Publishes books based on their public policy research and similar books by other authors.
Capital Advantage
"Capitol Advantage Publishing...has provided the most trusted Congressional Directories to individuals and groups for the last 20 years."
Carolina Academic Press
Subjects include criminal justice, law, political science, and sociology.
Clarity Press, Inc.
"...books on the human dimension of current issues, with particular focus on human rights and social justice."
Close Up Publishing
"Close Up Foundation encourages responsible participation in the democratic process through educational programs and publications in government and citizenship."
Common Courage Press
"Common Courage books explore corporate power, ecology, race, gender, economics, health, welfare, and media politics, and U.S. policy from Central America to the Middle East and Afghanistan."
Cornell University Press
"We publish nonfiction, with particular strengths in anthropology, Asian studies, biological sciences, classics, history, industrial and labor relations, literary criticism and theory, natural history, philosophy, politics and international relations, psychology, Slavic studies, veterinary science, and women's studies."
Encounter Books
"...a place where thoughtful writers and thoughtful readers - people who still believe that books can make a difference in our world - can get acquainted with each other."
Georgetown University Press
"We publish peer-reviewed works of academic distinction, with exceptional editorial and production quality, in five subjects: bioethics; international affairs & human rights; languages & linguistics; political science, public policy & public management; and religion & ethics."
Greenhaven Press
Books for high school students cover "...controversial social, political, and economic issues...American history, world history, literary criticism, and biography."
Guilford Publications
"...books, periodicals, software, and audiovisual programs in a wide range of mental health, behavioral science, and social science disciplines."
Hackett Publishing Company, Inc.
"An independent publisher serving the humanities since 1972."
Harlan Davidson, Inc.
"Serving the needs of instructors and students of history in colleges, universities, and high schools throughout North America, Harlan Davidson, Inc., remains an independent publisher of textbooks and supplements."
Human Rights Watch
"Human Rights Watch researchers conduct fact-finding investigations into human rights abuses in all regions of the world. Human Rights Watch then publishes those findings in dozens of books and reports every year..."
Interlink Publishing
Represents numerous publishers, covering topics including world history and politics.
International Institute for Strategic Studies
IISS publications "are universally regarded as providing the best independent, internationally sourced information and commentary on the main strategic events touching on national, regional and global security."
International Monetary Fund
Economic issues, country reports, world economic and financial surveys.
ISI Books
"...original titles, classic reprints, and collections of writings by leading authorities in the humanities and social sciences...explores the philosophical first principles underlying the urgent political, cultural, and social issues of the day."
Ivan R. Dee, Publisher
"Ivan R. Dee publishes serious nonfiction trade books in history, politics, biography, literature, philosophy, and theater. Similar to Basic Books and The Free Press in their heyday, Ivan R. Dee produces books that are provocative, controversial, and aimed at the intelligent layperson."
Johns Hopkins University Press
History, social science, and other subjects. "The Press has published more than 5,000 titles, of which almost half remain in print today."
Kumarian Press
"...globalization, peace and conflict resolution, the environment, women and gender, NGOs, civil society, microfinance, health, and the interaction between the richer and poorer societies...written from a radical perspective..."
LFB Scholarly Publishing
"LFB Scholarly offers monographs presenting the best new scholarship in targeted fields in the social sciences."
Local Government Institute
"LGI's popular self-help, how-to and technical assistance manuals and software have been used by nearly 4,000 state and local government agencies throughout the United States."
Monthly Review Press
Subjects include African studies, labor studies, Latin America, political theory, and philosophy.
Northern Illinois University Press
"...the Press publishes on a variety of topics in the humanities, arts, and sciences. Each year it brings out about twenty new books on aspects of history, politics, anthropology, and literature. Russian studies, railroad history, and the history of Chicago and the Midwest are areas of special interest"
Pact Publications
"We are committed to offering customers the most appropriate educational materials and training tools relevant to the ever-evolving field of international development."
Paragon House
"Paragon House offers books of cultural and intellectual significance with a specific international and interdisciplinary character. Paragon House publishes trade books, scholarly research, textbooks, and reference works in the areas of general philosophy, ethics, contemporary values, world religion, social thought, womens studies, social sciences, political philosophy, economics, interdisciplinary studies, world peace and globalization."
Penny Hill Press
"Your gateway to all Congressional Research Service documents."
Praeger Security International
"...material on international security, including defense and foreign policy, strategy, regional security, military history, and terrorism....PSI releases all materials in traditional print and electronic formats."
"Good books about things that matter...literary fiction and serious nonfiction..."
RAND Corporation
"...high-quality, objective research and analysis on issues at the top of the national and international policy agendas."
Seven Stories Press
"...political titles by voices of conscience...Seven Stories has stepped in to publish -- on First Amendment grounds - important books that were being refused the right to publish..."
Silver Lake Publishing
"...some of the most useful and interesting information available on economics, insurance, history, finance and current events."
South End Press
"Since our founding in 1977, we have tried to meet the needs of readers who are exploring, or are already committed to, the politics of radical social change."
Stanford University Press
"...publishes about 130 books per year...scholarly monographs and textbooks in the Humanities and the Social Sciences, with a strong concentration in History, Literature, Philosophy, and Asian Studies, and growing lists in Politics, Sociology, Anthropology, and Religion....Law, Business, Economics, Public Policy, and Education."
Texas A&M University Press
"The Press's editorial interests span a range of significant fields, including agriculture, anthropology, nautical archaeology, architecture, borderland studies, Eastern Europe, economics, military history, natural history, presidential studies, veterinary medicine, and works on the history and culture of Texas and the surrounding region."
U.S. Institute of Peace Press
"Following its mandate to promote the prevention, management, and peaceful resolution of international conflicts, the United States Institute of Peace is committed to publishing significant works that offer new insights and information to practitioners, scholars, diplomats, and students, among others."
University of Missouri Press
"...more than 60 titles per year in the areas of American and World history, including intellectual history and biography; African American studies; women's studies; American, British, and Latin American literary criticism; journalism; political science, particularly philosophy and ethics; regional studies of the American Heartland; short fiction; and creative nonfiction."
University of Washington Press
"...a leader in the publication of materials dealing with the Asian American experience. Other especially distinguished lists are in anthropology, Asian studies, environmental studies, Jewish studies, and regional history and biography."
University Press of Kansas
"...the press focuses generally on history, political science, and philosophy. More specifically, it concentrates on presidential studies, military studies, American history...U.S. government and public policy, legal studies, and social and political philosophy."
WSU Press
"...focusing on the American West, particularly the prehistory, history, environment, politics, and culture of the greater Northwest region."


Network Maps readership studies

Using software that he developed and sells, Valdis Krebs created "network maps," which shows that people tend to buy political books from one of two distinct book groups. Titles of the books are arranged with those having a less divisive readership appearing toward the center.

This page contains the late-April 2004 network map based on the top 100 political books on It also includes links to previous maps, and links to related articles.



Directories, reviews, etc.

Chicago Tribune Picks

A Chicago Tribune article on the 50 Best Magazines includes the following seven, which cover politically related topics. The article doesn't mention whether they're numbered in order with the best of the best on top, but it appears that way from the text next to the titles.

3. The Economist
6. The New Yorker
13. Reason
17. The Atlantic (formerly The Atlantic Monthly)
18. National Review
39. National Journal
46. Legal Affairs

The News & Politics section of contains dozens of links to websites of the magazines listed.

The about page says "All listed sites are in English and provide free online content. Though I am trying to be objective, description and selection of sites are based only on my personal opinion."


Web Publishing


Blog basics

According to Technorati—the self proclaimed authority on what's going on in the world of weblogs, "A weblog, or blog, is a personal journal on the web...Some blogs are highly influential and have enormous readership while others are primarily intended for a close circle of family and friends."

Blogs often contain links to and quotes from articles of interest to the blogger (usually there's just one blogger), sometimes with very little else. The original content in blogs is usually the opinion of the blogger. Entries are dated, usually with more than one entry per page, with the most recent entry on top. The public is often able to post public comments on individual blog entries without registering, though an email address is usually requested.

There are blog directories, but due to the large number, particularly of political blogs, there needs to be an easier way to find quality blogs than looking through a list of thousands, even if they're in order of most-recently-updated. Best-of lists tend to be too short and susceptible to voting fraud. I've often found the quality of blogs on winners lists to be lower than that of other popular blogs.

Technorati's Popular Blogs page lists blogs according to the number of links to each one, from other blogs. There are no subject categories, but at least the list doesn't depend on bloggers submitting their blogs or being voted on by who knows who.

Technorati's political blog page links to individual blog entries that are "percolating in blogs now," or more precisely, "what's hot now and what's gaining in attention."

Noteworthy blogs

This "mostly political weblog" is written by Mickey Kaus, who "has written about public policy for Newsweek and several other publications, including the New Republic and the Washington Monthly, where he remains a contributing editor." Comments on entries are posted on the Discuss page rather than under the relevant blog entries. Kausfiles is published in Slate Magazine—a liberal online magazine of news, politics, and culture.

Talking Points Memo
Readers can't post comments to this blog, written by Joshua Micah Marshall. Joshua holds a doctorate in American history from Brown University. He "is a Contributing Writer for the Washington Monthly and a columnist for The Hill. His articles on politics, culture and foreign affairs have appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers such as The American Prospect, The Atlantic Monthly, The Boston Globe, The Financial Times, Foreign Affairs, The Los Angeles Times, The New Republic, The New Yorker, The New York Post, The New York Times, Salon and Slate. He has appeared on CNN, CNBC, C-SPAN, FOX and MSNBC and is a frequent guest on radio stations across the country."

This blog of "political news, opinion & commentary" is "a multiple-editor weblog broken up into three major political affiliations, each with its own blog: the Democrats, the Republicans and the Third Party..." A large number of editors who write for other blogs contribute to WatchBlog. The Democrats category contains many more posts than the other two. There are even more posts in Third Party than in Republicans.

"Founded in 1981, the Project On Government Oversight (POGO) is an independent nonprofit which investigates and exposes corruption in order to achieve a more accountable federal government....POGO is an investigative organization with an expertise for working with sources inside the government and whistleblowers to document evidence of corruption, waste, fraud, or abuse."

Free For Syndication

The following are some of the best politically oriented blogs that have Creative Commons licenses that allow you to make commercial use of the work. The exact terms of the licenses may vary. Click the Creative Commons link on the homepage of these blogs for details.

The Human Race and Other Sports
Written by Christopher R. Brauchli, this blog is syndicated by PoliSource (see homepage or the archive) and as a newspaper column by Knight Ridder newswire. "Christopher R. Brauchli is a graduate of Harvard University and the University of Colorado School of Law where he served on the Board of Editors of the Rocky Mountain Law Review. Chris served as President of the Boulder Bar Association in 1974-1975 and the Colorado Bar Association in 1989-1990. He is a fellow in the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel, the American Bar Foundation, the Colorado Bar Foundation and the Boulder Bar Foundation of which he was the founder and first president. He was the founder and first President of the Colorado Bar Association's Lend-a-Lawyer, Inc., a program designed to provide legal services to the less fortunate members of society through out the State of Colorado."

Tax & Business Law Commentary
The author, Stuart Levine, received a Juris Doctor Degree at the University of Baltimore School of Law. His blog "offers commentary on a wide variety of current court decisions and administrative rulings." His business and tax practice deals with planning issues involving all types of state and federal taxes, and he's represented clients in business disputes. He's chaired the committee that drafted the Maryland Limited Liability Company Act and has written and lectured on limited liability companies.

The Acorn
This blog, by Nitin Pai, is well written and in surprisingly fluent English considering he's a non-American in a technology related industry. Nitin says "My opinions are on the economic right (free markets, free trade); on social issues I'm liberal. My posts are written from an Indian perspective." In his blog he supports a more aggressive approach to dealing with Maoist insurgents than India, preferring to "nip the threat in the bud" than to have a ceasefire and talks with Nepal's opposition politicians. His blog entries are divided into the categories Aside, Economy, Foreign Affairs, Public Policy, and Security.


Listed below are e-book publishers and retailers who've contributed to Open eBook Forum's 3rd quarter 2004 survey of top selling e-books and offer a significant number of politically related e-books to consumers through the internet. The complete list of contributing publishers and retailers is available in this press release. (Categories on left side of homepage.)
Business & Economics  Current Events  Law  Political Science  Social Science (Categories are here.)
Current Events & Politics  History  Law

Franklin Electronic Publishers (Categories in sitemap)
Current Events  History  Law

Mobipocket (Categories here.)
Agriculture & Geography  Current Events  Economics  History  Law  Political Humor  Politics  Sociology

Numilog (Categories on left side of homepage.)
Current Events & Essays  Economics  History  Law  Social Sciences—General  Sociology

CourseSmart (Originally Safarix by Pearson Education. Categories here.)
Criminal Justice  Economics  History  Law  Political Science  Sociology  Taxation

Powell's (Categories on left side of Adobe, Microsoft, and Palm reader pages.)
Law: A M P   Military: A M P   Politics: A M P   Sociology: A M P   U.S. History: A M P   World History: A M P

RAND Corporation (Categories here.)
Mostly public policy material in many categories. See this page for more information.

Random House (Categories here.)
Current Affairs  History

Seattle Book Company (Categories on left side of homepage.)
History  Law  Politics

Simon & Schuster (Categories here.)
Business & Economics  History  Law  Political Science  Social Science

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